Holly Grigg-Spall Introduces Her Documentary: The Business Of Birth Control

Ladies, reproductive health is in the news a lot.  SuzyKnew! is exposing the attack on abortion rights and its negative impact on women of color, and how black women, including Serena Williams and Beyonce, aren’t getting the maternal healthcare they need. Black women are dying disproportionately due to reproductive health and pregnancy-related issues. Women of color are not receiving the comprehensive information on reproductive health we deserve and need.

Let’s change that.

Holly Grigg-Spall, a SuzyKnew! contributor, is introducing her new documentary The Business of Birth Control. The documentary produced by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein reexamines the pill, which was revolutionary in the way it provided women autonomy over their bodies but also has an ugly history using women of color as guinea pigs in its development.

A message from Holly Grigg-Spall:

I thought you would like to know that my documentary The Business of Birth Control (inspired by my book Sweetening the Pill, and on which I am a producer) is finally premiering at the Doc NYC film festival next month!

Tickets are available for the Manhattan movie premiere AND to watch the film online from the comfort of your own home.

Link: https://www.docnyc.net/film/the-business-of-birth-control/

This has been a long (7 years+) journey in making this film! Many of you have supported in different ways and thanks so much for that.

At that link above you can also watch the official trailer.

I hope you can see the film, let me know what you think. And, of course, please share! I hope this movie makes a difference.

The film will be made available internationally online in December and I will let you know details when I have them.

Thanks again for reading,
Holly x
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