Last Day To Watch “The Business Of Birth Control”

Ladies, today is the last day to watch the documentary The Business of Birth Control, which was the subject of the last  SuzyKnew! post.

The documentary sheds a harsh light on hormonal birth control. Hormonal Birth control was and remains revolutionary. SuzyKnew! features posts and information on different birth control options including hormonal as well as non-hormonal.

Today, we have more information about how hormonal birth control effects women’s bodies and know that some women don’t tolerate this as well as others. We can also see more clearly in hindsight the backstory on the role of pharmaceutical companies’ advancing birth control, in spite of serious side effects. (Truth be told, pharmaceutical companies advance many drugs that have serious side effects in addition to their benefits.) But, at the end of the day, it’s important to chose what works best for you and your life situation, once you have all the facts. SuzyKnew! supports a women having an informed choice in family planning.

Fertility Friday Lisa Hendricks-Jack was interviewed for this documentary film. It’s nice to see a Sista’ so prominently featured, especially as women of color aren’t always made aware of all their fertility choices and have been used as experiment subjects for pharmaceuticals, including birth control.

Click here for Fertility Friday’s post as well as Lisa’s interview with the film producers Rikki Lake and Abby Epstein

Keep it sexy, Ladies!

Keep it healthy!