Learn About Your Menstrual Cycle: The Fifth Vital Sign

How much do you know about menstrual health? What are the benefits of charting your menstrual cycle? What feminine hygiene products are the healthiest and are you using a birth control method best for you?

Kelsey and Emily are a nurse and doula traveling around the country giving free classes on menstrual health.  They are helping people understand that the menstrual cycle is the fifth vital sign after body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and breathing that helps you monitor your health.  SuzyKnew! is sponsoring their free class which will be held in the Holton Resource Center, 401 North Driver Street, Durham, NC 27703 March 14 6:30- 8:30 pm.

See The Fifth Vital Sign video clip below or click here. See The Fifth Vital Sign Class Facebook page to find a class near you.


2 responses on “Learn About Your Menstrual Cycle: The Fifth Vital Sign

  1. Yara

    I would love to go to a class in DC. We really do take for granted what we need to know about our own bodies. It is empowering to understand your own inner workings. In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss.

    1. SuzyKnew! Post author

      Yara, SuzyKnew! plans to bring a class to Washington, DC. Hopefully, this summer. We’ll keep you posted. Yeah… we do take a lot for granted.