In 2020 Be Obsessed With Self-Love

Happy New Year, Ladies! SuzyKnew! wishes you all the best for 2020 – and for the entire decade!

Our wish for you is that you be obsessed with self-love. Just like Lizzo.

Many predict this year will be Lizzo’s year. Lizzo’s music career has taken off in a powerful way. Her empowering message of self-love and confidence propel people to be their best.  A singer, songwriter and rapper, the Detroit native who was raised in Houston and then later settled in Minnesota, is on a mission of self-love:  she’s completely unapologetic about her body and her sexuality, and this inspires many.

Make 2020 your year where you are obsessed with self love.

Do the work it will take to get there.

Ever since her debut album CUZ I LOVE YOU at Coachella, Lizzo has been known for her outspokenness on body positivity. But, as we know, self-love didn’t come easy for Lizzo. For years she battled inner demons of negativity. It took lots of therapy before she learned how to truly love and accept very part of herself.

Now, not only is her music soaring, but Lizzo has a mean social media game with so many of her tweets going viral.

Lizzo’s tweets are filled with self-love quotes.  Here are a few to keep on hand as you start 2020:

“Smiling cause I feel like it.”

“I am my inspiration.”

“Stay true to yourself. Listen to your body. Live life only by your rules.”

“I’m done with the struggle. I just want to enjoy my body now.”

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