Meditation To Reconnect To Your Feminine Center By Guest Blogger Lillian Ogbogoh

It’s the week-end. It’s time to decompress. It’s time to meditate.

This week-end take time to do a special meditation by Lillian Ogbogoh – one to cleanse your feminine center. Your womb.

Lillian Ogbogoh
Lillian Ogbogoh

Over time we can store up horrible feelings about ourselves within. We may harbor anger, guilt,or self-hatred over failed or abusive relationships. We may feel bad about harsh arguments we’ve had whether we are to blame or not. All of this dirties our center – our womb.

To find peacefulness and a sense of warmth, find 20 minutes of quiet time and go through this meditation. You will reconnect to your beautiful feminine center.  You will feel free and refreshed to start the coming week.