Mother’s Day: It’s Complicated

Mother’s Day is a day when mothers can do no wrong and daughters are expected to be dutiful and respectful. But, most of all, everyone should be happy and grateful. But, we all know: Mother’s Day is complicated.

Here are few select articles to help you process the complicated feelings you might be experiencing, as the holiday winds down.

Have you been trying to get pregnant but now realizing you may never be the mother you always wanted to be? You may end your life childless.  Here is Huffington Post’s What Mother’s Day Feels Like During Infertility.

Is Mom locked up? For something stupid? Black Lives Matter and other activist groups marked this year’s Mother’s Day by bringing home mothers jailed for low-level offences.  Read Vibe’s Black Activists Are Paying It Forward By Bringing Home Jailed Moms For Mother’s Day here.  

Is this your first Mother’s Day after the passing of your mother? I have two close friends who recently lost their mother and hope Celebrating Mother’s Day When You’ve Lost Your Mom speaks to them and you.  It may not be easy even after if it has been over 10 years since your mother’s death. Or maybe you’re still mourning your favorite aunt.

Have you lost a child? Mother’s Day is never the same. Facing Mother’s Day After The Loss Of A Child may speak to you.

Or was your mother abusive, too harsh, or are you an angry daughter? You may find Ebony’s Dear Black Women: Mothers And Daughters Need To Stick Together relevant and helpful.

No matter your situation, SuzyKnew! wishes you the best this Mother’s Day.

Photo Courtesy: Ebony