Ode To Paris – Uplifting French Black Women

In light of the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, SuzyKnew! wants to express our deepest sympathy.

We stand in solidarity with France – in solidarity with the French people. We want to salute the women of color in Paris and show our support during this very difficult time.

Pretty in Paris – the beauty of women of color in Paris. Here we give a glimpse of their beauty and strength.

Being a Black woman in France


Photo courtesy of Facebook

4 responses on “Ode To Paris – Uplifting French Black Women

  1. Stacey

    Thanks for the great post and for posting the videos. They are great and I really enjoyed watching them. It was great to hear Black women give their perspective on race and beauty in Paris.

    1. SuzyKnew! Post author

      Stacey, I’m glad you enjoyed the videos. It’s uplifting and unifying to hear about the experiences of Black women and women of color in different countries – and to see their diverse and rich and beauty. I hope you continue to follow SuzyKnew!

  2. LavenderGirl

    Loved it! I can’t wait to be a black Parisian women myself!! 🙂 Warmest sympathies to Paris.