On Rihanna’s “Man Down”

Rihanna’s “Man Down” released in late June as gotten a lot of criticism for being too violent. In some places, the song has been banned. But, Ladies, we all know these things happen. And, we’re all the better for it by putting it out there, talking about it, and processing it. So we can do the right thing, if it ever happens to us. In the song, Rihanna admits her guilt and knows shooting a man down was wrong.  Singing in her signature  Barbadian lilt, filled with so much emotion, and with a haunting Reggae tune in the background, Rihanna expresses her horror and surprise when she finds herself unexpectedly faced with such a complex situation. What seems like blossoming love ends in a death. Yet, it is refreshing and inspiring to see such a strong statement against rape staged in the background of hip hop culture which can glorify agression against women. Ladies, open yourselves up to the potential of love, but be ready and confident to say “no” to a man who goes too far. No man has such a “right.” But, just don’t do anything to get yourself behind bars! Mr. Right is out there, and you have to be free to get him!