As soon as I opened the door, I knew what was on his mind.  He had that look in his eyes, again.  The one so intense, it makes me feel naked and vulnerable, even when I still have on all my clothes.

I love that look.

I leaned in for a kiss and he pulled me roughly into his arms.  I can’t lie.  I love it when he does that.  He’s so strong and his body feels so hard against my softness.  As soon as our mouths met, sparks flew.

Oh yes, I thought.  This is gonna be fun!

We kissed each other passionately as he backed me away from the front door.  He kicked it closed with his foot.  Then, still kissing me, Royce* led me straight to my bedroom.

“Get undressed,” he mumbled.  We were standing beside my bed.

I guess I didn’t move fast enough, because he slapped me on my ass and said, “Now!”

Breathless from his kisses, I pulled my sweater over my head.  Before I had a chance to go further, Royce reached behind me and had my bra unhooked in seconds.  The way he stared at my breasts when he carelessly flung my bra to the floor made my knees weak.

As soon as my jeans were off, he roughly shoved me onto the bed.  I barely had a chance to raise my hips when he yanked my off my panties and tossed them aside.  Then, grabbing me by my waist he pulled me to the edge of the bed and he said, “Come here!”

Royce knows my body better than any man I’ve ever been with, so he knows full well that I like a soft touch in the beginning.  Especially when it comes to oral.

But today, he put aside all niceties and sweetness for pure, unbridled lust.  Still fully clothed, he immediately started eating my pussy with gusto.  He may have mumbled something about being “hungry”, but I can’t be sure.  I couldn’t really hear over the ringing in my ears from the sharp spike in my own desire.

When it comes to giving me oral pleasure, Royce is a beast!  Even on an off day, he can do things with his mouth so good they ought to be illegal.  And this day was definitely no off day.

He didn’t begin with gentle little licks and kisses like he usually does.  Instead he dove in like a man on a mission, and I had no choice but to succumb and enjoy.

He licked.  He sucked.  He kissed.  Royce soon had my body quivering from head to toe.  Whenever the feeling would get too intense, I’d instinctively try to scoot away from him.  He never let me get far, though.  His strong hands would yank me back into position and hold me there tightly.

And then he started licking my sweet spot with his head at a slight angle.  He knows this is exactly what he needs to do to make me cum.  I wanted to reach down and hold his head in place, but couldn’t seem to let go of the sheets I clutched in each fist.

Royce got the message, though.  It may have been me saying “Yes, right there.  Don’t stop!”  But I can’t even be sure I said anything out loud.  Either way, he kept up that steady rhythm that was pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

I could feel the stirrings of an orgasm at the base of my spine, so I braced myself.  My hips seemed to have a mind of their own.  Royce let me set the pace and followed my lead with his tongue.  Then just as the first waves hit, he slid his hands under my ass and pulled my pussy even closer to his mouth.  Suddenly my body exploded with pleasure!

One of things I love about Royce is how he’s never really satisfied if I only cum once.  He’s very generous like that.  So I wasn’t surprised when, as my body floated back to earth, Royce didn’t stop eating my pussy.  Most men would immediately be ready for their turn.  Not Royce.  Still completely dressed, he kept right on licking without missing a beat.

Knowing I’m always a little sensitive after a big orgasm, he was gentler this time.  And so patient.  He just kept at it, even as I took a little longer than usual to catch my breath.  He took the time to stroke and kiss my thighs as my arousal slowly began to climb again.  And his patience paid off, because soon I was right back on the brink of paradise, begging him for another release.

This time he watched me as I recovered.  He stood by the bed and watched as my body twitched in the aftermath while I tried to catch my breath.  His goatee was drenched in my juices, and he licked his lips appreciatively.

Then, he surprised me.  Just as I started to sit up and reach for his belt buckle, eager to return the favor, Royce said “Turn over.  I want to eat you from behind.”


Never mind that I wasn’t sure my wobbly knees could even support my weight.  But surely this man didn’t really want to eat me some MORE?  What?

Never one to look at gift horse in the mouth, I did as I was told.  It felt very different from this angle, too.  For some reason, and it may have been the way he was positioned, his tongue play was a little lighter, a little more elusive.  I spread my legs wider, hoping to make it a little easier for him to reach my clit.  It worked, and soon I felt those magnificent lips of his clasp on to very spot that would get me there again.

It felt great, but after a little while, I needed more than his mouth.  After two intense orgasms, I was ready for some penetration.  I longed to feel him inside me, to feel a little more connected to him.  Besides, I wanted to rock his world, too.

“I want you inside me,” I told him even as I thrust my pussy even harder onto his face.  “Please, Royce.  Give me my dick!”

Yes, ladies.  I claim the dick.  It’s mine, and I ain’t ‘shamed to say so!

Slowly, Royce pulled his mouth off my throbbing pussy.  I almost regretted asking him to stop.  Almost.  I glanced over my shoulder just in time to see him drop his pants to the floor and climb onto the bed behind me.

“I”mma let you have your dick, Sophia.”  He said, grabbing my hips.  “But only if you promise that I can eat my pussy some more later!”

I held my breath, waiting to feel him enter me.  I heard him tear the condom wrapper and braced myself.  When he finally put it in, he went slowly.  Too slowly.  I wanted him too much to wait, so I pushed back onto him, taking him deep within me.

He’s so big and thick it always hurts a little at first, no matter how wet I am.  But it’s that good kind of hurt, the kind that makes you beg for more.

I didn’t have to beg this time, though.  Royce started hammering me, at times thrusting so hard, he lifted me right off the bed.  It felt so damned good it brought tears to my eyes.

I met each of his thrusts with hard ones of my own, and his moans got louder.  But it was when he got quiet that I knew he was getting close.  I could tell by the way he grabbed my hips that he wouldn’t last much longer.  I was pleased, because more than anything, I wanted to make him feel as good as he made me feel.

So I put my back into it, taking complete control of both our movements.  This worked, because in just a few strokes, he was ready to explode.  This got me even more worked up so that soon, I was at the edge, too.

I could feel his balls slap against my clit as he rammed his thick dick into me over and over again.  It felt so good, my legs started to tremble, as if they’d give way at any moment.  Somehow I held on, though.  And just before Royce came with a shout, I had my own orgasm, cumming so hard I couldn’t even make any noise.

We collapsed on the bead, panting.  Royce pulled me into his arms and I buried my face in his broad, muscled chest.  His heart was pounding, as was mine.

He recovered first and whispered, “I love you, Baby.”  Then he kissed me on my forehead and that’s all I remember before falling into a deep sleep.

*Royce is my Boo’s online name.  I keep his government name and identity a secret for privacy.