Rejuvenate Your Relationships

Spring is here, Ladies. Happy Easter.  This is nature’s time for renewal and rebirth.

Take time to rekindle and rejuvenate close relationships. Winter can be brutal on us in many ways. Cold, dark evenings can put us in a funk and sour our moods. Small problems and annoyances with people close to us can escalate into huge battles with bad feelings lingering for days on end.

As we enter spring, put away away harsh memories and feelings. Let’s throw some sunlight on our outlook. Find ways to make a fresh start. With warmer air and sunnier days ahead of us, spend time sharing happy moments with people who are important. Apologize for sharp words said in the winter and make time to connect.  Yeah – the practice of spring rebirth and renewal can seem tired and old. But, if we want to stay healthy – and sexy – it’s a ritual to keep practicing.

When it comes to intimate relationships, studies find happy couples in committed relationships have more sex.  Not sex makes couples happy. And, couples who said they had more sex also reported more satisfaction with their lives.

This finding was based on 4 studies which appeared recently in MedicineNet. Affection, sharing intimate moments and sweet talk were key factors in the positive benefits of sex that had impact after the act. If winter has dulled your relationships, take time to connect and share intimate moments. Sustain these important life fulfilling practices.