SuzyKnew! Uncovers Fake, Right-Wing Reporters At Supreme Court Protests

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

When protests at the Supreme Court erupted at the end of June in response to the Court overthrowing Roe v. Wade, SuzyKnew! joined in.

After a good Sunday breakfast, I walked to the Supreme Court and found around 500 people protesting. Everyone I saw was holding signs that opposed the Court’s decision. I didn’t see any so-called “pro-life” signs or hear any anti-abortion chants.

So, I was super surprised to see all these so-called “reporters” interviewing people at length and in-depth who supported the overturning of Roe.  When I first saw this, I jumped into the convo and demanded to know why the reporter selected this super minority opinion to film.  Then the reporter turned on me asking me if I supported “free speech,” and I turned it back on her asking if she believed in facts.  I told her (and the audience that had gathered around) that in countries where abortion is illegal maternal mortality and morbidity is higher than in those countries where abortion is legal. She screamed some nonsense at me and I looked around at the so-called camera and wondered if it was on and it all of this was just a fake alternate reality, giving people the illusion that there were all these anti-abortion protesters out and about when the the reality was completely the opposite. Most people were protesting the ruling and the Court!

And then I watched one of the fake, right-wing reporters interview a man trying to some reason into her:

I walked around and saw more of these fake reporters.  It was like these people were pretending they were in another reality trying their best to deny the one that existed.  I couldn’t tell if all of them had their cameras on and wondered who was going to see this.