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Emergency Contraceptives In Afrikaans Language In Johannesburg, South Africa

SuzyKnew! continues to go all around the world where lovely ladies of color live to find which brands of emergency contraceptives are available.  This time we’re at the pharmacy at Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa called Link, which has over 200 stores in southern Africa. Only one brand of emergency contraceptives is available – Norlevo.  And, it’s packaging is in Afrikaans language. So, if you need to read how to take the product and don’t speak Afrikaans, you’re out of luck.  Not a lot of Sista’s speak Afrikaans.  Mainly Afrikaaners speak Afrikaans. So, was this product brought into South Africa with us in mind? Or not? Not sure.

The price for Norlevo of 82 Rand or $6 or $7 dollars in Johannesburg is similar to the price we found in Paris and Strasbourg, France.  We didn’t ask how to use the product but the pharmacist was very easy-going and helpful.

Thanks for following this video series on emergency contraceptives. We look forward to seeing you at the next pharmacy!



Below is my first attempt at the video talking to the pharmacist. Kinda clumsy!

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