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Favorite SuzyKnew! Articles From 2017

Before we get all into 2018, let’s look back at what we liked in 2017 so we can carry the lessons into the new year.  Here are a few favorite articles from last year.  This list is based on reads by SuzyKnew! subscribers.

Clips And Pics From The Women’s March On Washington

For those of you who had the good fortune to attend the Women’s March on Washington or one of the 673 sister marches held in the U.S. and around the world…








Sex Drive Is Afffecting My Marriage – ASK JANICE

HELP!  Lately, I have a much higher sex drive than my husband and it’s starting to affect my marriage.  We’ve been married for five years… I’ve always been very sexual… 








To Grapefruit Or Not To Grapefruit: ASK A SEX THERAPIST

Like many others, I decided to see Girls Trip during its opening weekend and absolutely loved it, so much so that I saw it twice…








Make Room For Your Inner Diva – By Lillian Ogbogoh

Sometimes we find ourselves being the bigger woman, the one who is agreeable, reasonable and compassionate to everyone she encounters.







Bzz… Here Comes Heaven – By F. N.

You thought all you needed in your pleasure chest was rubbers and ITunes? Naaah, chile. This is a journey. Pleasure is about you, first and foremost…








Masturbation During Our Lifetime – By Nadine Thornhill

Fapping, wanking, polishing the pearl, greasing the pole…whatever you call it, masturbation can be a fun, healthy part of our sexual experience.









5 Reasons To Use The Fertility Awareness Method When You’re Single – By Holly Grigg-Spall

Practicing FAM has benefits for all women, regardless of relationship status.