“The Business of Dating”

Some people say you should never mix business with pleasure. While others do it all the time.  We all know that woman who took her business acumen to grab a Bill Gates-style career and used it to secure a Taj Mahal love. But, it’s hard to look at our dating lives through a hard, cold business lens.  I mean who wants to see that she isn’t getting her fair share of the market of quality men, right? Or who wants to realize she is running her love life into the ground – like an inept businessman? We all want to feel like we’re a part of that special 1 percent of people who find the riches of dating and love that have eluded the rest of the world.  But, a little hard inner reflection can go a long way.  In her book “The Business of Dating,” relationship coach Steph McKenzie takes traditional business principles and applies them to your modern dating life.  Take a look. Secure the rich love life you deserve.

2 responses on ““The Business of Dating”

  1. LuvBeingLuvD

    It has been common knowledge that most men and women put more effort into their careers (or searching for a job) than they do in their relationships. However, I for one support the idea of applying business skills into our dating lives. But unlike being guarded in the office (not sharing too much personal info and being overly cautious) we shouldn’t forget to be loving and open to receiving love in our love-transaction.

  2. Coach Steph

    Thanks for your kind words! It’s my hope that more people will start seeing dating and relationships as parts of their lives which need concerted thoughts and deliberate effort. And thanks to SuzyKnew.com, for thinking enough of my book to mention it…AWESOME!