The Other Night, Part 3 SIZZLE WITH SOPHIA

I snuggled deeper into his arms, feeling drowsy.  But he wasn’t having it.  “Don’t get too comfortable, Baby.  I’m not done with you, yet!”

“I would hope not,” I quipped, even as my eyes started to close.

“Oh no you don’t, Sophia.  Keep those eyes open for me.”  Before I could respond, his hand was on my pussy.

“Don’t you need a few minutes to recover?”  I asked, opening my legs wider.

“I can recover just fine like this,” he said as he began to slowly stroke me.  “Now, like I said.  Keep those eyes open for me.  That’s it.  Damn, you look so sexy when you’re turned on!”

His voice, his fingers … it wasn’t long before he had me going again.  “Tell me, Baby.  Does that feel good?  Hmm?  You like when I rub your pussy like this?”

“Yes,” I moaned.  Damn, his fingers felt good!  How did he know exactly how I love to be touched?  Those featherlike strokes coupled with stronger, more purposeful ones … it was so easy to just give in to the sensations.

I felt him shift a little, and then his mouth was on one of my nipples.  I held my breast in place for him, while he worked my body like a pro.  He went to switch nipples, which meant he was half laying across my body, now.  I loved the contact, feeling more of him on top of me.  I loved being skin-to-skin.

Now his fingers moved a little more aggressively, as if urging me towards another peak.  Mid-stroke, he lifted his eyes to mine and said, “That’s it … get into it.  I want you to feel good!”

That voice, again.  Those words, encouraging me to feel good did the trick.  I could feel the beginning of another orgasm.  “I’m getting close,” I whispered.  Or maybe I yelled it.  I don’t know.  It was a struggle to even form words at this point.

“Good,” he said, kissing me on the mouth now.  “I want you to get close.  Just don’t cum, yet.  I don’t want you to cum yet, Baby.”

“Why?”  I was getting closer with each stroke.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stop the inevitable.

“I want to be inside you when you cum,” And then his hands were gone.  He was gone.  Well, not gone, but we weren’t touching, anymore.

Disoriented, I started to sit up.  But he was still there.  “Lie back down, Baby.  I’m just getting a condom.”

Thankfully, he was quick.  Before I knew it, he was hovering above me, spreading my legs apart with his knees.

Our eyes met, again.  He held my gaze steadily as he slowly entered me.  And as aroused and wet as I was, it hurt a little.  I winced.  “You ok?”  I nodded, and opened my legs wider.  He pressed slowly and steadily until finally, he was balls deep inside me.

He felt sublime!

After a few seconds, he began to move those sexy hips of his, and I was completely lost.  Feeling his weight on me, breathing in his scent as he rocked and rolled on top of me was hypnotic.  Somehow, as fluid and rhythmic as he moved, with each and every thrust he managed to hit my spot.  It’s like his hips were in total control of every pleasure center on my body.  Even my fingertips felt good.  I got goose bumps on the soles of my feet.  Every thrust and parry was like a mini orgasm in itself, he was just that damned good.

I was so lost in feeling, I almost didn’t hear him when he whispered in my ear.  “Can you cum with me inside you, Baby?”  The way his breath felt on my neck took me right back to the edge.

“I’m close, now.” I don’t know how I managed to speak.

“Good,” he whispered.  “I wanna feel you come all over this dick of yours!”  And then those magical hips went into overdrive!

I clutched and scratched at his back.  He shifted his weight a little to my left and hit the jackpot.  “Yes,” I moaned.  “Right there.  Don’t stop …” He didn’t stop.  He hit that spot again and again, allowing me to grind against him with all my might.

That little tingle at the base of my spine, that little tremor that always signals a big finish let me know that my end was near.  He must’ve sensed it, too.  Because now he was encouraging me, urging me to “Let go and cum, Baby!  Get that nut!  Come on.  Cum for me!”

So I did.  With a scream.  And the release was so intense, it almost hurt.  He only stopped moving when I clamped my thighs around his waist and continued to grind against him with abandon.

As I caught my breath, I glanced up at him.  He stared back at me with intense eyes.  I smiled at him and said, “Your turn, Daddy.”

Without saying a word, he pulled out and was on his knees in seconds.  He flipped me onto my stomach so fast it almost knocked the wind out of me.  I knew what he wanted and was more than ready to give it to him.  Lifting my ass and spreading my legs, I braced myself.  In one motion, he was inside me, hitting it from the back.

His thrusts were frantic, yet still controlled.  But I could tell by how tightly he held my hips that he was very near the edge.  Dropping my shoulders, I began to move with him.  Now he wasn’t just taking it, I was giving it to him.  I felt submissive and sexy and powerful, all at the same time.  And that got me going again.

I didn’t realize he could tell just how freshly aroused I was getting until the said, “Damn, you just got even wetter!”  Then he hissed “Shit, I’m ‘bout to cum!”

I arched my back and spread my legs even more.  Now I was getting close, too.  But I wasn’t as close as him.  I still needed to catch up.  So, I pulled away from him … just enough to break his rhythm.  He wasn’t pleased, and growled to let me know it.

He roughly pulled me back and slammed his dick back into me.  Yes!  That’s it!  I pulled away again, this time even further.  And again, he dragged me back hard.

I pulled away one last time and finally got the response I needed: a quick, stinging slap right on my ass.  And then, SLAM!  He rammed his dick back into me and started pounding me hard.  And with each down-stroke, he had something to say.  “Oh, you wanna play, huh?”  Another slap.  “Get yo’ sexy ass back here and take this dick, dammit!”  A few more hard thrusts.  “Gimme my pussy!”

And then it hit me, almost out of nowhere.  I came so hard, my toes curled and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end.  He came right after, growling so loud it was scary.  Then we both collapsed onto the bed in a pile of tangled, sweaty, limp limbs.

I saw stars.  I really did.

He caught his breath first, and pulled me into his arms.  We smelled like sex and happiness.  He purred and murmured sweet little words into my ear.  The last thing I heard him say before I dozed off was, “I’m so glad we did this.”


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