The Other Night, Part 1 SIZZLE WITH SOPHIA

His eyes held mine captive. “Tell me what you want,” he said. “Tell me what you need.”

“I just want you,” I whispered.

“Uh-uh,” he replied, shaking his head. Now he held my face in his hands. “Be specific. I want to know exactly what you want from me tonight.”

“Only tonight?” I asked, eyebrow raised.

“Let’s start with tonight and go from there. Okay?”

Taking a deep breath, I nodded.

He stepped even closer. But other than his hands on my face, we didn’t touch. “Now, tell me what you want and need from me.”

I closed my eyes for a moment before I answered. I just had to escape the intensity of his gaze. And while I struggled to form the right words, it occurred to me that how I responded would not only set the tone for the rest of the night, but for the rest of our relationship. So I needed to be as honest as possible.


I opened my eyes. “Yes?”

“Are you going to answer me?”


“Well …?”

And so I told him the truth. “I want you to do to my body what you’ve already done to my mind. And I don’t just want it for tonight. I want more than just one night with you.”

He smiled. “What have I done to your mind?”

“You’ve explored and challenged it. You’ve made me think about things differently, including myself.”

“And you want more than just this one night?”

“Yes. If that’s too much to ask, I’d rather know right now. Tell me now before this goes any further.”

He was quick to respond. “That’s not too much to ask. Not at all.” He released my face and took both of my hands in his. Kissing my knuckles, he continued. “So, I get to explore your body, huh?”

Blushing, I nodded. He grinned and said. “This is going to be fun. Are you sure?”

“Sure about what?”

“Are you sure about wanting to take this ‘thing’ between us to the next level? Because I don’t do flings, Sophia. I don’t do casual. If we do this, we do this right.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, as much as I want to explore that delicious-looking body of yours, I don’t want to go there if all you want is sex.”

“You know that’s not all I want,” I began.

“Well, I didn’t want to presume anything.”

“You’re the one who just said we’d start with tonight and go from there.”

“That’s because I didn’t want to ask for more until I knew what you wanted.”

Now I raised our hands and kissed his knuckles. “Now you know. What happens now?”

He didn’t answer at first. I thought maybe I’d gone too far or said something wrong. He must’ve been able to read this in my expression because he said “I’m sorry. It’s just that …” Now he blushed. “When you kissed me like that, on my hands … I lost my train of thought for a second.”

He quickly recovered, though. His eyes were intense again. “What happens now is that I get to begin my exploration of your body. Now, come with me.”

Holding just one hand, he led me to his bed. I was nervous again, and he could tell. Turning to face me he softly said “Look. We’re both nervous, here. Anyone would be nervous in our situation. Why don’t we agree right now that if either one of us gets too uncomfortable we’ll stop, okay?”


And then he leaned in and softly kissed my lips. I’d daydreamed about our first kiss dozens of times, but this was better than I’d imagined. Even before our lips parted and our tongues met, I felt heat and desire in his kiss. And the deeper the kiss went, the more heat I felt.

I didn’t get to savor the heat, though. Things were happening fast. He began unbuttoning my shirt, his fingers surprisingly adept. I must’ve flinched because he suddenly stopped and ended our kiss.

“Am I moving too fast?”

I opened my eyes and met his. “No. I’m sorry …”

“It’s okay,” we were talking at the same time. Then he continued. “Let’s just both try to relax, alright?”

I nodded and took a deep breath. And this time, I leaned up to kiss him. I could feel his smile even as he kissed me back. When he started unbuttoning my shirt again, I leaned in closer.

He slid my shirt over my shoulders and as soon as it fell to the floor, I reached for his buttons. He broke our kiss and watched my hands as I nervously fumbled with his shirt. I silently wished I was as cool as he’d been.

I must’ve been too slow because he quickly took over the task and removed his shirt in one smooth motion. Then I was face to face with that gorgeous, muscled chest of his. I’d seen it before, but always from a distance. Now it was just inches away, and it left me breathless.

He pulled me into his arms and started kissing me again. This time, I allowed my hands to roam across his broad back freely. Smooth skin, rippled muscles … he felt amazing.

I was so busy relishing the feel of his skin beneath my finger tips that I hardly noticed when he unhooked my bra. Breaking our kiss, he backed up a bit just as I let it fall to the floor.

“Damn,” he said softly. “They’re perfect!” I blushed.

The rest of our clothes seemed to fall away effortlessly. And where I’d usually be quick to cover myself with my hands, he made me feel desirable … and desired.

“You’re so sexy,” he said as he eased my panties over my hips. He bent down to help me step out of them and quickly kissed my thighs and belly on his way back up. “I can’t wait to taste you.”


Stay tuned for The Other Night, Part 2…