To What Lengths Should You Go To Find A Husband? COACH YVONNE CHASE

Praying woman

Husband hunting is no easy task. It can take years – maybe even decades!

Does God have a plan we should know about?

A dating and relationship expert who has appeared on many TV and radio shows, Coach Yvonne Chase shares with us her thoughts on how far we should go to find a man. She provides a Biblical perspective on dating.

3 responses on “To What Lengths Should You Go To Find A Husband? COACH YVONNE CHASE

  1. Charlotte

    I think if a man wants to find a wife, he will find one. I think a woman should not focus on a man and one will come to them.

    1. SuzyKnew Post author

      Good point. But, there are a lot of women out there who are out about their business and still no man has stepped up them…. Any suggestions for them?

  2. LavendarGirl

    I agree with Yvonne. Men are not looking for wives with the same intensity they do in other things. Why should they? They get all the sex’n they want, cooked meals, romantic dates almost free. Marriage can be challenging and it’ll mean they would have to grow emotionally and mentally. That’s extra work. So the cheapest and less emotionally draining thing to do is have side chicks, mediocre relationships and rest in bachelorhood.

    Also Yvonne’s friend reminds of The Bachelor/Bachelorette reality show. These men and women are going through similar lengths to find husbands. It’s hard to believe these qualified and accomplished people have hard times finding lasting meaningful relationships.