In general, I don’t condone using sex as a weapon in relationships.  If that’s your thing, cool.  Do you.  But personally, I’m not a big fan.

I guess I’ve just never been one of those women who withhold sex as punishment for some petty infraction for which I’m going to forgive him anyway.  If a boyfriend commits a “break-up-able” offense like cheating, beating or stealing my money, I end the relationship.  I’m not saying it’s always easy, but those relationships always end.

But if a boyfriend does some of the petty things all men do in relationships, I just don’t see the point in withholding sex as punishment.  I may cuss him out and I may even stay mad at him for a while.  But, deliberately withhold sex?  What would be the point?  Why should I go without and suffer just because he did something stupid?

Well, Langston* and I had been fighting so much, I broke my own rule!  I held out for two weeks because he’d gotten on my very last nerve.  In hindsight, we were both equally to blame for our fighting, though.  I’d been more hormonal and bitchier than usual, and Langston had been under a lot of pressure at his job which made him cranky.

So we kept bickering over little stuff until two weeks ago we finally just decided to spend some time apart.  I suppose I could have spent time with one of my other boyfriends, but I missed Langston.  (Y’all know me, though.  I may date more than one guy, but I’m always safe and I’m always honest.)

Anyway, I finally decided to end our drought and put us both out of our misery.  Two weeks of pent up sexual frustration wasn’t doing either one of us any good.  From the few conversations we had, I knew Langston was as horny as I was.

So the other night I called him and invited myself over to his apartment.  He still sounded a little angry on the phone, but I didn’t care.  We’d gone without for long enough.  It was time for some good, old-fashioned “Make-Up Sex”!

He answered my knock wearing only a towel.  He’d obviously just gotten out of the shower because he was still damp.  I could even see the steam wafting through his apartment from his opened bathroom door down the hall.  My timing was perfect!

Langston’s a nice looking guy with a body that just won’t quit.  It took all my willpower not to just jump him right there at his front door!  He looked so hot standing there with tiny rivulets of water rolling down his buff, honey-colored body.  There was no shame in my game as I ogled him from head to toe, either.  The man looked good enough to eat, and I intended to enjoy a full meal.

When my eyes travelled back up to his face, I wasn’t surprised to see the grim expression there.  It had been a rough two weeks for both of us, and he was obviously still mad at me.  Still, he graciously invited me inside and led me directly to his bedroom.  Only the bedside lamp was lit, giving the room a warm, intimate glow.  We stood in the middle of the room and just stared at each other.

Langston’s body was tense.  While his arms hung loosely at his sides, his hands were balled into tight fists.  And by now, he had a pretty hefty hard on making a tent out of the front of his towel.  Now it was his turn to ogle me and judging from the way that tent expanded, he liked what he saw.

I knew I had to make the first move so I reached out and gently touched his chest.  I simply laid my palm on his cool, damp skin.  His muscles jumped from the initial contact, and I could sense a change in his breathing.  But other than that, he didn’t move.

I stepped closer to him.  And when I leaned in to inhale his clean, masculine scent, my body immediately reacted.  He smelled so good, and looked so sexy … the intensity with which he stared at me made him even seem a little dangerous!

Langston watched me warily.  I didn’t mind.  I didn’t want to just jump right into bed, anyway.  I actually liked the idea of slowly seducing my way back into his good graces.

“Can I have a kiss, Langston?”

“A kiss?”  He sneered.  “That’s all you want, Sophia?  A kiss?”

“For now,” I nodded.

I watched his lips move as he considered my request.  And I knew that what he really wanted was to throw me to the bed on my knees and take me hard from behind.  He was just pissed enough to make it hurt a little, too.

But, as thrilling as that sounded, I didn’t want that.  I wanted to soften things between us, no matter how horny we were.  Yes, we both needed the sex.  But I didn’t just want to fuck.  I wanted tenderness, too.

“So, can I?  Can I have a kiss?”

“Is that why you came to me tonight, for a kiss?  You should’ve stayed home if that’s all you wanted.”  His voice sounded strained.

Rolling my eyes, I told him “You know damn well I came here for more than a kiss!  I just want to start there, that’s all.”

“You want more?”  His eyes dropped to my lips.

“Yes.  I want more.”

“It’s been more than two weeks since we …” he paused and for the first time since I arrived, he seemed a little unsure of himself.  “I haven’t been with anybody else, either.”

“I know.”

“I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m more than a little on edge, here.”  Langston’s breathing was erratic now.

“I know you are.”

“I don’t want to be too rough and hurt you …” His voice was a little softer.

“I know.  And you won’t.”  I reached up and put my arms around his broad shoulders.  Langston is pretty tall, so even in my heels I had to stand on my toes.  “That’s why I want us to start with a kiss, Baby.  Please?”

Sighing, Langston leaned down and softly kissed me.  And it was sweet and gentle, just the way I wanted it.

But, as soon as our tongues met, sparks flew!

Moaning, Langston grabbed my waist and pulled me close as he attacked my mouth.  It would have been so easy to surrender to his passion, to give over to his demanding kisses and let him set the pace.  But if I wanted romance instead of a bang-fest, I’d have to stay in control a little longer.

I slowly ended the kiss.  Langston looked at me hungrily and leaned in for more.  But I stopped him with a gentle hand on his chest.  “Lie down, Langston.”

He only paused for a moment before complying.  With a small smile, he watched my reaction as he let the towel slide to the floor before climbing onto his bed.  And one look at that gorgeous cock had me licking my lips in anticipation.  It was so hard, it looked angry.  It seemed bigger than I remembered, and was thick and throbbing.

“You have too many clothes on,” he complained, reclining on his bed.  With his arms folded behind his head, his biceps bulged and my knees buckled.

“We’ll get to that in a minute,” I told him, tearing my gaze away from his muscles to meet his hungry eyes.  Kicking off my shoes helped cover the fact that I was so aroused I could barely stand anymore.  “First, I need to get me a little taste of what I’ve been missing.”

As I crawled onto the bed, he asked “You been missin’ me, Baby?”

“Oh yes.”

“Tell me what you’ve missed most.”

Kneeling at his side, I grabbed his thick, brown erection and said “I’ve missed everything about you, Langston!  And yes, obviously I’ve missed the sex.  But right now, the only thing I want is that giant dick of yours in my mouth.  Okay?”

Not that he would have declined my offer, but I didn’t wait for an answer.  I greedily took him into my mouth and then settled into the pleasure of sucking my man.  There’s just nothing like giving head to a guy who turns you on and who appreciates the effort.

Langston hissed with pleasure as soon as I started.  Then he moaned as I found a pace that worked.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that his arms were stretched out to either side, with his pillows tightly fisted in both hands.  I was glad it wasn’t my hair he was pulling like that.  But, I knew this first time would be fast and rough.  It needed to be.  In order for him to be gentle with me, we needed to take the edge off, first.

I quickened my pace, adding more tongue action and some moans of my own.  Langston loved it, and his moans got louder.  “Damn, Baby … that’s so good!”  I could tell by the tremor in his voice that he was going to pop soon.  Normally, I would have slowed things down and turned my attention to his balls and beyond.  But he needed to get off, so I kept at it, sucking harder with each stroke.

“Sophia, I’m close!” His voice was almost a growl, now.  I ramped up the suction and added even more pressure.  That’s when he finally grabbed my head and started thrusting his hips wildly.  He was just about there.  All I needed to do was bring him on home.

And so I did just that, moaning with him as he shot his load into my mouth.  Then I sat back and watched as his body continued to quake and tremble for a few minutes afterwards.

He pulled me into his arms as his breathing slowly stabilized.  He softly kissed my forehead, the tip of my nose and then my lips.  Then he looked into my eyes.  “Thank you,” he said quietly.

I smiled at him and said “You’re welcome, but we’re not done yet!”

Smiling, he agreed.  “We’re not even close to being done.  But why are you still dressed?”

“I want you to do it.”

“Do what?”  Clearly the blood hadn’t quite made it back up to his brain, yet.

“Undress me.”

“Your wish is my command!”  Now that’s a much better attitude!

And so, Langston slowly removed my clothes, kissing me where ever and whenever my skin was exposed.  When he finally took off my bra, he spent several minutes licking and sucking my tender breasts, careful to give my hard nipples plenty of attention.  I closed my eyes and gave over to the pleasure of his lips and tongue on my skin.

Then, he pulled off my panties and moaned when he finally saw his prize.  “Damn, I’ve missed you!”  He gently kissed the top of my mound.  My thighs trembled with anticipation as his kisses slowly ventured lower.  When he finally swiped at my aching clitoris with his firm, thick tongue, I gasped.

“What’s the matter?  Does it hurt?”  He looked so concerned.  I shook my head.  “You’ve just missed me, haven’t you?”  His voice was low and very sexy.  All I could do was nod.

Langston kissed and then licked me again, this time a little slower.  “You like that?” He asked.

Again, I just nodded.

“Good, ‘cause there’s a lot more where that came from!”  This time I didn’t even bother to respond.  I just surrendered to his masterful tongue.

Langston proceeded to lick, suck and nibble with the expertise of a cunnilingus connoisseur.  Knowing what I liked, he prolonged my pleasure into extensive, tantalizing minutes of pure bliss.  He worked me like a pro, bringing me right to the edge, and then pulling me back again.  Soon, I was begging for release.

I could tell when he was ready to let me cum because his tongue literally battered my clitoris into submission.  I clutched his hair and squeezed my thighs around his head.  His hair was still damp from his shower and it tickled.  It didn’t matter, though.  My destination was at hand and I was desperate to get there.

Finally, a powerful orgasm ripped through my body, making me arch my back and curl my toes.  Even to my own ears, I sounded like I was speaking in tongues.  But the relief felt so good, so complete I didn’t even care.

I was still panting with my legs shamelessly spread when I heard Langston grab a condom from his night stand.  I opened my eyes and watched as he rolled it on and crawled back between my legs.  Even though I was still tender, I wanted him inside me so badly I could taste it.

There’s nothing quite like that initial penetration, especially after having gone so long without it.  Yeah, I know two weeks isn’t really that long.  Lord knows I’ve gone much longer!  But that night, it felt like it had been a lifetime.

Having already released some tension, we were able to relax and take our time.  Our bodies fell into a natural rhythm and we rode wave after wave of pleasure together.  Langston has this thing he does when he’s on top where he angles his body a certain way.  It’s hard to explain.  But when he started that rapid-fire hip action at just the right angle, he sent me to the moon!

We ended up going at it two more times that night before finally falling into an exhausted sleep.  And I have to admit, even though I still don’t condone withholding sex during arguments, there is definitely something to be said for “Make-Up Sex”!

Now it’s your turn!  Share your “Make-Up Sex” stories here!  Come on, don’t be shy.  We don’t judge anyone here at Suzy Knew!

*You know the drill: Langston isn’t his real name.  I always change the names and a few details to protect the not-so-innocent!

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