Valentine’s Day: One-Yr Anniversary with Gabonese Pilot

This Valentine’s Day it will be one year since I collided into the Gabonese pilot in a tropical 3-star hotel in a small West African country. We only met face-to-face that one time. But we have spent a year chatting by skype and email, keeping each other mutually amused and waiting for more. Even though he’s married, I continue to answer his skype chats and emails filled with ridiculous personal questions – sometimes fun, sexy talk – but giving him false hope and promises of more. And we all know I don’t intend to do anything more. On his end, the Gabonese pilot had said that he came to visit me in the States several times and I always found a reason not to show up. Who cares? The guy is married. He must expect to get played and teased by women. Who am I to disappoint?

So, do I have another dead-end relationship heading into Valentine’s Day?

Yeah. So, what’s the big deal? It’s a quick thrill and escape from the day-to-day ho hum life can bring.

Ah! But now the challenge is how to fit in my new, meaningless fun relationships with the pilot. Over these last few months, I have managed to pick up a few new male admirers. I have caught the eye and sparked the interest of the retail guy at the local electronics store. A farmer who sits next to me my agricultural extension class has become awfully chummy. And then there is the smooth dancer I met in Africa who chats with me every other day. And what do you know – they’re all single.

So, I’ll have to chose where I spend my time this Valentine’s Day…

Any suggestions?

2 responses on “Valentine’s Day: One-Yr Anniversary with Gabonese Pilot

  1. LuvBeingLuvD

    This Valentine’s Day is going to be a happy and special one for you. Maybe you can squeeze the farmer and retailer in on the same day. A morning date and an evening date. Let us know what your Valentine’s Day. Lucky lady!