What Do You If Your Man Forgets You On Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies!

SuzyKnew! hopes you spent this day giving love to your family and friends.  We also hope you were surrounded in love.

But, what do you do if the man in your life forgets you on Mother’s Day, like Trump forgot Melania in his Mother’s Day Tweet?

Y-e-s! The Donald spent the morning ranting against his critics and when he finally got around to mentioning Mother’s Day he said nothing about his wife, Melania. Ouch! What a slap in the face.

Ladies – we know this could be you. Today, you may have been dissed by your husband, lover, boyfriend, paramour, whatever… it doesn’t matter. It hurts. You’re in pain.

What to do?

Treat yourself to ice cream: Tonight, go all out. You deserve it: Haagen Daz, Ben and Jerry’s, Talenti (and we don’t mean the reduced calorie kind), Breyer’s you name it. Don’t hold back. One pint may not be enough. Mother’s Day is your day to feel good. (Even if you’re not a mother, mind you…) Don’t go to bed without comforting yourself.

Plan a yoga or spin class after work tomorrow:  Of course, SuzyKnew! doesn’t want you to put on weight because the man in your life was disrespectful on Mother’s Day.   There’s a good chance he was disrespectful on Valentine’s Day and he’s been doing this for a while. You’re probably used to it. Numb.

So – work it out. Don’t eat you’re pain away.  You don’t see Melania putting on the pounds while she’s enduring The Donald’s insults, do you? Plan to block out and work out the pain tomorrow after work at your favorite yoga, spin or dance class.

Therapy on line: If you’re ready, take the next step: Therapy. Sometimes, your girlfriends aren’t enough. Talking through your issues with the Sistas’ doesn’t always lead to change or growth. Why are you still with this man? Are you Melania Door Mat Trump? No. You’re not.  And you don’t have the type of money she has either.  Therapy on line is becoming a fast, affordable approach to dealing with your issues.  Why not try it now?

Whatever you do, Ladies, we hope you remember you’re special and loved.  And, if your man forgot you today, SuzyKnew! has not: Happy Mother’s Day!