5 Lessons Sistas’ Can Learn About Relationships From Melania Trump

There’s a new first lady in town. And a new White House couple. And while 94% of us did not vote for her husband (and we are all still missing Michelle), we may be able to learn a thing or two from Ms. Melania when it comes to relationships. After all, snagging a man like the Donald is nothing to sneeze at. Not all of us want someone with so much personality or spotlight – not to mention those loose morals and dictator tendencies -but, it can be useful to review a few basic lessons we see from Melania and Donald’s relationship this Valentine’s Day season.

#1. Faking it until you make it doesn’t always work –  Sometimes opportunity knocks at the door, and we have to fake it a little until we get things working. But, plagiarizing other ladies’ speeches, as Melania did, using Michelle’s speech for hers last year, goes too far. If you have to make a big speech at your man’s event, try to get help without breaking any laws or getting sued. This draws negative attention to you. Your goal is to make your man look like he made a good decision in selecting you as his partner.

#2. Don’t hawk your wares at your man’s job. It reflects poorly on you – and your man! Just because your husband has a big job doesn’t mean you have to stay home barefoot and pregnant. You can have a big job, too. But, avoid using your husband’s work place to showcase your merchandise like Melania, who used the official White House website to tout her QVC jewelry line and modeling pictures from a Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue. Chile – please! Everybody knows that’s tacky. Sure, your man might pressure you to show off a little in front of everyone. But, assure him that it’s better for your relationship and both of your careers if you you keep your business out of his.

#3. Your past will always catch up with you – so don’t lie about it. We all have a past. Melania does, too. And it’s skanky. If you have a skanky past, come clean with the facts. Don’t lie about it. People will always find out which makes you (and your relationship) look stupid.  And whatever you do, don’t sue or threaten to sue people who expose your publicly available nude modeling pictures. Or disclose interviews with men who know men you slept with for money. Oh! SuzyKnew! just thought of another related point: Don’t pose nude for men’s magazines or associate with escort services if you want to marry a man who aspires to become the president of the United States. Yes, it does matter, and no, you can’t pretend it didn’t happen. And your work visa – or lack there of – is another one to come clean about.

#4. Yes, people will talk if you don’t live with your husband. So try to stick to the nuptial arrangements even if it’s difficult. (And, yes, blink twice if you need help. ) Melania and Donald aren’t sleeping in the same bed most nights. Yeah, Melania says she’s waiting for her son to finish school before she relocates to Washington, DC. But, rumor has it, Melania’s not moving to DC. Really? Who does that? If you’re the pastor’s wife, you need to be living with the pastor. And, if you’re the president’s wife and first lady, you need to be at home in the White House with the Prez. Okay, call it old-fashioned, But, if you’re representing tradition and “family values,” then walk the talk.

#5. Beauty is important. Especially of the soul. There’s no doubt Melania is a beautiful woman.  Love that Jackie O look she’s sportin’ these days. You can’t take beauty away from her – or you. So, strut your stuff when you’re out with your man. Let the world see what he’s enjoying. But, remember what your mother told you: pretty is as pretty does. There’s nothing like a beautiful soul. We all will be looking for this as Melania settles into her role as first lady. Make sure you show the beauty of your soul this Valentine’s Day.

Wishing you lots of chocolate, kisses and hugs!

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6 responses on “5 Lessons Sistas’ Can Learn About Relationships From Melania Trump

  1. LavendarGirl

    I think this says more about Donald than it does Melania. She thought she was marrying a rich businessman. But somewhere down the line he wanted (or was strong-armed) to run for President of the United States. She would be a very weak first lady compared to others. But is that really her fault? This is not what she signed up for and she clearly does not have the guts to buck it up and find her way like Mrs. Michelle Obama did. Melania has a different talent and clearly she is not willing to expand herself like Michelle did. Michelle too was weary of the role, but she believed in her husband because they are true partners, and found her way. Michelle found purpose and meaning in her new role. Seriously, this shows that Obama made a good choice for himself and Donald made the typical mid-life crisis, rich male, “find the prettiest thing”, #wife#4, “i can get any woman i want” choice.

  2. Charlotte Roy

    Poor darlin’ , she looks miserably unhappy. And with good reason! She’s a private person in the most public office in the world; she is married to a man who clearly has no respect for her or women in general; if she wasn’t sure before (not likely) all the revelations about his unfaithfulness DURING their marriage have been brought up and blared across the world; AND, all her past poor decisions are being examined laughed or snarled at by the press every day. Oh well, she does have all that cold furniture…