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What’s Love Got To Do With It? Lessons From The FLOTUS

A few days ago, the first lady of the United States (FLOTUS) gave her first sit-down TV interview. When she was asked about whether the stories of the Donald’s infidelity bothered her, Melania stated, “I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do.”  What was conspicuously missing in her list of roles is “wife.”

When the ABC News’ correspondent pressed further and asked the FLOTUS if she loved her husband, Melania replied “We’re fine.” The FLOTUS did not say, “Yes. I love my husband.” The FLOTUS did not say, “Yes. I love the Donald.”

You know that’s right.

Many said the FLOTUS showed confidence during the interview. But, Suzy says the FLOTUS looked hurt and resigned… but determined.

Besides. What’s love got to do with it?

Lest the never-ending, rapid-fire White House scandals make us forget that it was only a few weeks ago after the New York Times published an anonymous op-ed by a White House insider claiming that Trump was amoral and inept, when an outraged Donald’s first response was he could only trust his children. Not his family. Or, wife and children. But, he could only trust his children.


Yes, Ladies. It happens.  The men we marry or chose to be with can turn out to be real vipers. Part-time or full-time. We may know from the get go they’re no good but we chose to be with them any way.  We’re not perfect. We may have some bad motives or conflicted thinking ourselves. (Look at Melania in her African interview wearing an insulting colonial pith hat talking about #BeBest to Africans. Really?)

Our relationships may be more about money, status, sex, children, security, family or a whole bunch of other things and for a bunch of reasons –  other than love. And, it can be hard to face this harsh reality, especially when we’re humiliated.  Melania provides us a few lessons:  When we are humiliated because of our men or partners we need to hold our head high. We need to carry on and focus on other parts or our lives.

Beyond these lessons, we do have to figure out where love fits in our lives and relationships even if the FLOTUS may not be there yet. Accepting a fake relationship or poor treatment from a spouse is accepting a life with unrealized potential.  What role are we playing in a relationship gone wrong? What issues do we need to address before we can have a relationship based on love? After all, life has everything to do with love.

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Melania’s Sista’ Envy

Ladies, Melania’s got Sista’ envy, and we know it.

Melania copied Michelle’s speech for her own first speech. Remember that? And now for her first official visit to the UK, Melania dressed just like Meghan. Yass… she dressed like the Duchess of Sussex! Vanity Fair and others have pointed this out.

Ok, Miss Melania isn’t rockin’ the dress like Sista’ Meghan,  but she’s tryin’.

Photo credit: Vanity Fair

Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Is Melania saluting Black Girl magic?  Does she admire Black women and other women of color?

But, between flattery and admiration there often flows a river of contempt.

Ladies, stay tuned… SuzyKnew! will stay on the case to find out which of these sayings is true, as we continue to bring you latest news on sexual and reproductive health issues that affects us



Melania’s Got Sista’ Envy

Ladies, Melania’s got Sista’ envy, and we know it.

Melania copied Michelle’s speech for her own first speech. Remember that? And now for her first official visit to the UK, Melania dressed just like Meghan. Yass… she dressed like the Duchess of Sussex! Vanity Fair and others have pointed this out.

Ok, Miss Melania isn’t rockin’ the dress like Sista’ Meghan,  but she’s tryin’.

Photo credit: Vanity Fair

Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Is Melania saluting Black Girl magic?  Does she admire Black women and other women of color?

But, between flattery and admiration there often flows a river of contempt.

Ladies, stay tuned… SuzyKnew! will stay on the case to find out which of these sayings is true, as we continue to bring you latest news on sexual and reproductive health issues that affects us



The Real Meaning Behind Melania’s Message On Her $39 Zara Jacket

Ladies, SuzyKnew! is here to bring you the real news about the first lady – straight, with no chaser. Everyone is asking why Melania went off to Texas to visit migrant children separated from their families at the border wearing a $39 jacket from Zara with graffiti proclaiming “I really don’t care, do u?” What does the writing mean? Why would Melania wear something so insensitive (and so low-priced and proletarian?), making her look like she doesn’t care about the children? Wasn’t it Melania (and Ivanka) who finally convinced The Donald to change his policy around separating children from parents caught trying to cross the border illegally? Isn’t Melania the one who’s been talking about protecting children from cyberbulling, promoting #BeBest and all?

Well, SuzyKnew! has a few thoughts about the message on Melania’s jacket. So, let’s get started. You have to keep in mind that Melania is all about Melania. Nothing else. Sure, she says she has a heart for children. But, Melania’s primary focus is on herself, what she’s going through and what she’s feeling. This has been made clear many times like when she showed up separately from her husband at his first state of the union dressed in Hillary-Clinton white, after finding out her husband had slept with porn star, Stormy. Clearly, Melania wasn’t thinking about how to make her husband feel good. Or, when she constantly pushes her husband’s hand away when he reaches out to her in public.

The message on the $39 Zara jacket isn’t about how Melania feels about the unaccompanied children locked up in jail-like cells.

  1. The message is about Melania being tired of her husband’s overbearing ways. There was definitely some spat that took place between Melania and her husband that prompted Melania to don a jacket like this so that she could announce her feelings to him and the world.  Did The Donald leave the toilet seat up for the 100th time and when he tried to apologize to his fair lady, she gave him a sharp look and donned the jacket announcing she really doesn’t care, and knows he doesn’t either.  Or, maybe, Trump told his wife not to go down to the border with all the reporters and stir up trouble, giving his critics ammunition against his policies by pointing out that even his wife is against him. And, in response, Melania defiantly told him she was definitely going to Texas to visit the kids whether he liked it or not, and she doesn’t care what he thinks and doesn’t believe he really cares either. And after spitting this out in his face, Melania whipped out the jacket and ran out the door to catch her plane.
  2. Melania is expressing her feelings about her marriage. Stormy put a hurtin on the first couple. But, who doesn’t love Stormy? We love Stormy! But, of course, we know Melania doesn’t. And she hates that awful Karen McDougal, who talks like she’s Miss America and poses nude in Playboy and then says she had to break up with Melania’s husband because her mother wouldn’t like her dating a married man (but her mother wouldn’t mind all her nude photo shoots, right- ?!)  How embarrassing for the first lady to go through all these scandals! So public.  And the only way to take a break is to stay away from public events and the media, but who can do that forever? SuzyKnew! is sure Melania told Donald she’s upset that he’s disrespecting their marriage in such a public way and she’d like to be more visible and show support for things she cares about like vulnerable children, but her marriage is in such a wreck she doesn’t know what to do. We’re also betting that when The Donald heard this he told Melania, “Look. You’re a washed up model who’s getting up there in age and I’m the President. I don’t need you making scenes by pushing my hand away when I try be affectionate and show the American people what a good husband I am or now going down there to see those illegal children. Stay home where you belong and support me.”  After hearing this, Melania shouted, “Donald, this presidency stuff is wrecking our marriage! But, I’m so over it.” And, at that Ladies, Melania put on her jacket telling her husband, “I really don’t care, do u?” and ran out the door.
  3. The message is for all the people who keep asking about her whereabouts and why she isn’t behaving like a normal first lady.  We all know Melania isn’t into being the first lady. She’s like never around and frequently looks sullen and unhappy. We also know that Melania was a model and has a very public image, but, she is also very private, especially post election.  So, maybe the message is really for us, the American people, and the “fake” media as The Donald tried to put out there in his tweets. Melania is trying to say she doesn’t care what people are saying about her or where she does or doesn’t go.
  4. Or maybe, Melania just doesn’t care… about the children, about her husband, about the media, the country or anything for that matter…  And, if this is the case, we, the American people, really should care.


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Melania: A Part-Time First Lady And Independent Woman?

I have a close friend I often refer to as my part-time man. We’ve been close for many years but live in different cities, keep our own schedules and feel no obligation to show up for one another’s important events.  We are not, after all, husband and wife, or even “partners.” Indeed, I am a single, independent woman.

Which brings me to Melania.

Melania seems almost as single and independent as me. (You go, Girl!) Watching her – and the Donald – it is clear Melania isn’t a fulltime first lady. She is not present all the time or “on” for the American people – or her husband. Melania is part-time.

Clearly, Melania got off to a slow start as first lady. She stayed in New York for months after the Donald took office. Rumor has it she cried when he won.  Ever since arriving in DC, her public appearances have been sporadic.  Until recently, it had been nearly a month since Melania had been seen in public.  Apparently, she’s been having some liver problems. Sure. We understand. And of course, who can find fault with her #BeBest campaign (although the wording could have been better). I mean who likes cyber bulling? But, overall, Melania’s heart really isn’t into this first lady thing, is it?

She seems to prefer chillin’ at Mar-a-Lago. Going down when she feels like it.

Melania attends important events such as her husband’s State of Union address separately, like she’s single – like me. She often denies her husband the right to hold her hand in public (probably pretty emasculating for the Donald…). My friend and I don’t hold hands either – because it’s not like that. And, now we hear Melania doesn’t plan on attending the upcoming G-7 event. Is that optional? I mean – I thought married women – and especially the first lady – had to do these kind of things. I mean I could understand if Melania was a Supreme Court Justice, a general surgeon or rocket scientist and her schedule just wouldn’t allow for that kind of travel. But, she’s not.

Which brings me to another thing: Melania gets all her fancy housing and clothing paid for. We know she’s got some sort of product line going on, but it seems like it takes a lot more money than what comes in from that side gig to keep Melania living in the style she does.  This is where Melania and I are very different. I definitely work for everything I have. Everything you see – and some might argue it’s a lot – I worked for. No man bought me anything I have. (Ok, I do drive my father’s old Benz…) But, you get my point.

Simply put: Melania leads a mostly separate, independent life from the President. Her lifestyle is more like a kept woman than a married one, let alone a first lady.

And, ladies, we all know if Michelle or Hillary (who also had a cheating husband) pulled something like this – not showing up to important events, not allowing their husbands to show them gentle affection in public – we wouldn’t hear the end of it from the Right. And, because those on the Left don’t want to appear “judgmental” or not allowing the First Spouse to be his or her own person, they don’t say anything.  And, therefore Melania – and Donald – get away with this.

But, don’t the American people deserve better? Maybe we want to be a little more “traditional” and retro here and demand that our First Lady show up at events with the President and enter as a couple. I mean… shoot, maybe she should step aside and let another lady get up there and be First Lady fulltime.

Is this the new model for America’s First Lady? A person who’s not really into being the president’s partner but more into living their own life on their own terms? Very radical and progressive – perhaps. But, does Melania’s model  provide the leadership we need in “coupledom,” American love and family values?  The first couple seems as divided as the nation – not exactly a soothing balm in these trying times. Obviously, the Donald is having as hard of a time unifying his marriage as he is in unifying the country. Showing love to either hasn’t been his forte. I know I’m digressing here.

Ladies, don’t mistake independence for not doing your job – fulltime.

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What To Do When Your Relationship Turns “Stormy”

Over these past weeks, we’ve all been watching in astonishment as the First Couple’s relationship has unraveled… This horror reached a climax (pun intended) when it became public that the Donald paid porn star Stephanie Clifford a.k.a. Stormy Daniels $130,000 to stay silent about their sexual encounter and relationship.  And, ladies, if we’re honest with ourselves, we can feel for what’s going on because at some time or another or in some way or another we’ve been there ourselves.  At some point in our romantic history, we have had another woman (or man) or pornography threaten our relationship, causing things to become very stormy.



Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’d like to see Melania kick Stormy’s butt. Yeah… a cat fight. I know this thinking isn’t real PC or feminist (and I pride myself in supporting both) but sometimes a Sista’ has got to do what a Sista has to do. I mean really… sleep with my husband after I just gave birth to our son…? I don’t think so.

The issue is your reaction will send a clear message to both parties that you’re either going to tolerate this nonsense or not.  The noble and right thing to do is to walk. But, Melania’s not going to walk out on that money. Yet, pushing away her husband’s hand when they get off a plane (See related article “Melania Schools Us On How To Put Your Man In Doghouse”) isn’t going to send a clear message to the Donald either. The Donald doesn’t embarrass, and he certainly doesn’t do the right thing when it comes to relationships. Okay, maybe a cat fight might not keep the Donald or your partner from cheating on you again. But, it would allow you to get your frustration out (and maybe get a restraining order slapped on you, as well) and would let the other party know that you will go cray cray on them if they keep it up.

Now, on the other hand, looking at Ms. Clifford’s situation, I don’t think she was showing much self-love either. I mean accepting $130,000 to stay quiet about a sexual encounter with the Donald? That’s kinda cheap. Doesn’t she make that in a few months of work or so? That’s embarrassing. I mean if you want me to stay quiet about something like that you’re going to have put out more than that. (And, of course, I probably wouldn’t accept payment in the first place.) Ms. Clifford seems too astute of a business woman to accept such a paltry amount.  If the Donald wanted to pay her. Stormy should have made him P-A-Y her!

Now the whole pornography thing is another kettle of fish. A little pornography may get things going between a couple if both people find this sexy.  But, a porn dependency is difficult… and embarrassing… for both parties. Ladies, do you really think the Donald can “perform” without a little help…?Hmmpf. We’ll leave it at that.

The Stormy Daniels saga is moving so fast that by the time you read this, a new chapter of the story will have already been written. All SuzyKnew! can say is relationships are hard and we don’t always show our best selves when infidelity is involved.  Stay true to yourself, your values and religion.

Keep it healthy

…and keep it sexy.


Photo credit: pinterst and suffragio.org


Melania Schools Us On How To Put Your Man In The Doghouse

Ladies, is the White House marriage a hot mess – or what?

First Couple marital spats displayed in front of the country like this? Really…? We as a nation have never seen anything like this before.

Tuesday, Ms. Melania decided to arrive to her husband’s maiden State of the Union address A-L-O-N-E – separate from her man. And, she stepped out wearing all winter white symbolizing the #MeToo movement, suffragettes, Ms. Hillary and of course purity. And don’t let the political pundits tell you she didn’t know what she was doing. Ladies, Melania was making a statement!

Ever since Melania heard reports that her husband paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels, she has refused to be seen in public with The Donald. SuzyKnew! frowns on tabloid marriages in the White House. But, we have to give Melania her props for not taking crap from her man like Hillary and probably plenty of other First Ladies did. (SuzyKnew! remembers those smoldering encounters between “W” and Condelezza Rice until Bush’s  aides told him to cut it out….)

Going solo to the State of the Union address is only the latest act in a long line of actions Melania has taken to show Donald she is unhappy with his behavior.  If you have never been sure about how to put your man in the doghouse, Melania can teach you a few tricks.

First, learn from Melania’s cancellation of her trip to Davos, Switzerland last week. Don’t take a trip with your man if you think he’s cheating on you. He’s not going to get nooky from her – and you, too.   Who cares if he needs your support on some business trip. And, who cares what traditions you’re breaking or what people will say.  Focus on you and your relationship.  You need to make him think twice before cheating on you again.

Second, when your husband is cheating on you, take care of yourself. Self-care is de rigueur. Follow Melania’s example and head off to a spa. You may not be able to afford the $64,000 that Melania’s day trip to the spa in the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach reportedly cost tax payers. But, definitely do not skimp on the spa treatments. You need to do what you need to do to de-stress, de-tox and forget about the pain your man has caused you. And, make sure he pays the bill. Make him pay big time.

Finally, don’t let your man touch you – not even your hand – when you’re mad at him. Do like Melania and slap your man’s hand away when he reaches out for you. 

He needs to understand he gets none of you when you’re pissed. This will make him remember your value and stop him from pissing you off in the first place. He shouldn’t be pestering you, trying to hold your hand pretending like things are good between you two. Push his nasty hand away.

Ladies, relationships are tough. And obviously, any one would have a tough time with The Donald as a partner. But, if the First Lady is struggling with all her money and support systems, you know we’re going to struggle.  But, if, like Melania, you can’t keep your stuff private, at least keep it real like she does.








Christmas Selfies Do’s And Don’ts From Melania Trump

Ladies, a few days ago Melania Trump posted a sexy Christmas selfie with a filter featuring a Santa hat and sparkling reindeer. The look on her face screams “Ooh! Your secret is out! All you want for Xmas is me… sexy Xmas vixen me..!”

Well… that’s how Suzy saw it.

Twitter trolls are having a feast.

Yes – an inappropriate FLOTUS selfie for the holiday. Is anyone surprised? Well… the Donald has been telling everyone thanks to him it is now “acceptable” to say Merry Christmas. Given this, you would have thought Melania would have posted a more respectable Christmas selfie, and not one that screams: Ho! Ho! Ho!

This got us thinking, Ladies. Melania isn’t alone. Many of us may make the mistake of posting an inappropriate, cheap selfie on social media over the holidays. Is there something we can all learn from this? Here are a few tips Melania’s selfie has taught us:

DON’T select an outfit with a tacky Santa, reindeer, Frosty the snowman, or Charlie Brown’s Christmas theme, etc. Many religious or more serious followers may find your apparel insulting – cheapening a sacred holiday. This may make it more difficult to win friends and influence people in the evangelical, religious or serious set.

DO keep your make-up light and bright. Avoid making up your eyes so they’re dark and sultry. Bedroom eyes are not what you want for your official Christmas selfie or photo shoot. (Of course, for your Match.com or BlackPeopleMeet page, this is fine.) The look you’re going for is more festive, wholesome, reverent or simply “FLOTUS professional.”

DON’T strike a pose or holiday expression that makes you look like you want to do Santa under the mistletoe.  Remember you’re a role model for somebody – your family, community, colleagues or beyond.  You want to inspire others to be more than a Santa mate. Looking beautiful, alluring, or sexy elegant are all appropriate and fine. Just keep it classy.

Take a lesson from FLOTUS #44.

or FLOTUS #43

Finally, DO ask a few frat brothers to take a look at the picture before posting your selfie.  Ask them if the photo makes them hot and bothered and steers their minds more towards the “nasty and naughty” rather than “nice.” If they’re too embarrassed to answer you, discard the selfie and try again.

For more lessons from Melania click here.

Merry Christmas, Ladies!


5 Lessons Sistas’ Can Learn About Relationships From Melania Trump

There’s a new first lady in town. And a new White House couple. And while 94% of us did not vote for her husband (and we are all still missing Michelle), we may be able to learn a thing or two from Ms. Melania when it comes to relationships. After all, snagging a man like the Donald is nothing to sneeze at. Not all of us want someone with so much personality or spotlight – not to mention those loose morals and dictator tendencies -but, it can be useful to review a few basic lessons we see from Melania and Donald’s relationship this Valentine’s Day season.

#1. Faking it until you make it doesn’t always work –  Sometimes opportunity knocks at the door, and we have to fake it a little until we get things working. But, plagiarizing other ladies’ speeches, as Melania did, using Michelle’s speech for hers last year, goes too far. If you have to make a big speech at your man’s event, try to get help without breaking any laws or getting sued. This draws negative attention to you. Your goal is to make your man look like he made a good decision in selecting you as his partner.

#2. Don’t hawk your wares at your man’s job. It reflects poorly on you – and your man! Just because your husband has a big job doesn’t mean you have to stay home barefoot and pregnant. You can have a big job, too. But, avoid using your husband’s work place to showcase your merchandise like Melania, who used the official White House website to tout her QVC jewelry line and modeling pictures from a Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue. Chile – please! Everybody knows that’s tacky. Sure, your man might pressure you to show off a little in front of everyone. But, assure him that it’s better for your relationship and both of your careers if you you keep your business out of his.

#3. Your past will always catch up with you – so don’t lie about it. We all have a past. Melania does, too. And it’s skanky. If you have a skanky past, come clean with the facts. Don’t lie about it. People will always find out which makes you (and your relationship) look stupid.  And whatever you do, don’t sue or threaten to sue people who expose your publicly available nude modeling pictures. Or disclose interviews with men who know men you slept with for money. Oh! SuzyKnew! just thought of another related point: Don’t pose nude for men’s magazines or associate with escort services if you want to marry a man who aspires to become the president of the United States. Yes, it does matter, and no, you can’t pretend it didn’t happen. And your work visa – or lack there of – is another one to come clean about.

#4. Yes, people will talk if you don’t live with your husband. So try to stick to the nuptial arrangements even if it’s difficult. (And, yes, blink twice if you need help. ) Melania and Donald aren’t sleeping in the same bed most nights. Yeah, Melania says she’s waiting for her son to finish school before she relocates to Washington, DC. But, rumor has it, Melania’s not moving to DC. Really? Who does that? If you’re the pastor’s wife, you need to be living with the pastor. And, if you’re the president’s wife and first lady, you need to be at home in the White House with the Prez. Okay, call it old-fashioned, But, if you’re representing tradition and “family values,” then walk the talk.

#5. Beauty is important. Especially of the soul. There’s no doubt Melania is a beautiful woman.  Love that Jackie O look she’s sportin’ these days. You can’t take beauty away from her – or you. So, strut your stuff when you’re out with your man. Let the world see what he’s enjoying. But, remember what your mother told you: pretty is as pretty does. There’s nothing like a beautiful soul. We all will be looking for this as Melania settles into her role as first lady. Make sure you show the beauty of your soul this Valentine’s Day.

Wishing you lots of chocolate, kisses and hugs!

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