Did You Miss Female Condom Day?

Inserting a female condom

Did you remember to celebrate Global Female Condom Day on September 12?

If you missed it, you can still join in on the fun.

The Female Condom still isn’t most ladies’ first choice in contraception or HIV prevention. But, it’s nice to know that it’s out there, especially since it is touted as the only female-controlled contraceptive that protects you from HIV/AIDS. You don’t have to wait for your man to put on his condom. You can put your own on.  But, now, the product is also promoted for gay male sex. So, the “FC” – as it’s fondly called – isn’t uniquely female any more.

Years back when I was working with female sex workers in Cambodia I attended a highly coveted class on how to use the Female Condom and teach other women to use it as well. There were 4 classes. So, this tells you something about how user-friendly it is (not).

I never could figure out how to get it inside me. But, don’t let my experience discourage you.

These days, the FC comes in other versions. Like a quieter and more affordable version. Maybe you heard that the original FC makes a lot of noise and is cold when you first insert it.  Your worries are over.  The FC2, as it’s called, isn’t as noisy. It’s made out of nitrile. There are also Indian companies making female condoms out of latex, the material used for male condoms, warming up more quickly to your body temperature.

Youtube has tons of videos on the Female Condom.  Most of them focus on how to use the product. Sigh… Here are two that have gotten a lot of views.

Female Condom

British Female Condom Demonstration