Fertility Friday: Answering Your Top Questions About Cervical Mucus



This weekend we are sharing Fertility Friday’s post cervical mucus.

Understanding cervical mucus is the key to understanding your menstrual cycle. In a healthy cycle, your body produces cervical mucus prior to ovulation in response to rising estrogen levels. However, there are many factors that can affect normal mucus production.

Fertility Friday regularly receives questions about cervical mucus via email and direct message ranging from why am I not seeing any mucus? and, what if I see cervical mucus every day? to how do I tell the difference between arousal fluid, semen, and cervical mucus?

If you are looking for clarity about cervical mucus, you’ll love today’s podcast episode. I take a deep dive into cervical mucus and answer your top questions, including:

  • What are the different types of cervical mucus (CM)?
  • How to check for CM
  • How to know if your CM is normal
  • How to tell the difference between CM and vaginal cell slough
  • Strategies for differentiating between CM, arousal fluid, and semen
  • What if your CM is yellow or gummy?
  • And much more!