What To Do When Your Relationship Turns “Stormy”

Over these past weeks, we’ve all been watching in astonishment as the First Couple’s relationship has unraveled… This horror reached a climax (pun intended) when it became public that the Donald paid porn star Stephanie Clifford a.k.a. Stormy Daniels $130,000 to stay silent about their sexual encounter and relationship.  And, ladies, if we’re honest with ourselves, we can feel for what’s going on because at some time or another or in some way or another we’ve been there ourselves.  At some point in our romantic history, we have had another woman (or man) or pornography threaten our relationship, causing things to become very stormy.



Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’d like to see Melania kick Stormy’s butt. Yeah… a cat fight. I know this thinking isn’t real PC or feminist (and I pride myself in supporting both) but sometimes a Sista’ has got to do what a Sista has to do. I mean really… sleep with my husband after I just gave birth to our son…? I don’t think so.

The issue is your reaction will send a clear message to both parties that you’re either going to tolerate this nonsense or not.  The noble and right thing to do is to walk. But, Melania’s not going to walk out on that money. Yet, pushing away her husband’s hand when they get off a plane (See related article “Melania Schools Us On How To Put Your Man In Doghouse”) isn’t going to send a clear message to the Donald either. The Donald doesn’t embarrass, and he certainly doesn’t do the right thing when it comes to relationships. Okay, maybe a cat fight might not keep the Donald or your partner from cheating on you again. But, it would allow you to get your frustration out (and maybe get a restraining order slapped on you, as well) and would let the other party know that you will go cray cray on them if they keep it up.

Now, on the other hand, looking at Ms. Clifford’s situation, I don’t think she was showing much self-love either. I mean accepting $130,000 to stay quiet about a sexual encounter with the Donald? That’s kinda cheap. Doesn’t she make that in a few months of work or so? That’s embarrassing. I mean if you want me to stay quiet about something like that you’re going to have put out more than that. (And, of course, I probably wouldn’t accept payment in the first place.) Ms. Clifford seems too astute of a business woman to accept such a paltry amount.  If the Donald wanted to pay her. Stormy should have made him P-A-Y her!

Now the whole pornography thing is another kettle of fish. A little pornography may get things going between a couple if both people find this sexy.  But, a porn dependency is difficult… and embarrassing… for both parties. Ladies, do you really think the Donald can “perform” without a little help…?Hmmpf. We’ll leave it at that.

The Stormy Daniels saga is moving so fast that by the time you read this, a new chapter of the story will have already been written. All SuzyKnew! can say is relationships are hard and we don’t always show our best selves when infidelity is involved.  Stay true to yourself, your values and religion.

Keep it healthy

…and keep it sexy.


Photo credit: pinterst and suffragio.org