Christmas Selfies Do’s And Don’ts From Melania Trump

Ladies, a few days ago Melania Trump posted a sexy Christmas selfie with a filter featuring a Santa hat and sparkling reindeer. The look on her face screams “Ooh! Your secret is out! All you want for Xmas is me… sexy Xmas vixen me..!”

Well… that’s how Suzy saw it.

Twitter trolls are having a feast.

Yes – an inappropriate FLOTUS selfie for the holiday. Is anyone surprised? Well… the Donald has been telling everyone thanks to him it is now “acceptable” to say Merry Christmas. Given this, you would have thought Melania would have posted a more respectable Christmas selfie, and not one that screams: Ho! Ho! Ho!

This got us thinking, Ladies. Melania isn’t alone. Many of us may make the mistake of posting an inappropriate, cheap selfie on social media over the holidays. Is there something we can all learn from this? Here are a few tips Melania’s selfie has taught us:

DON’T select an outfit with a tacky Santa, reindeer, Frosty the snowman, or Charlie Brown’s Christmas theme, etc. Many religious or more serious followers may find your apparel insulting – cheapening a sacred holiday. This may make it more difficult to win friends and influence people in the evangelical, religious or serious set.

DO keep your make-up light and bright. Avoid making up your eyes so they’re dark and sultry. Bedroom eyes are not what you want for your official Christmas selfie or photo shoot. (Of course, for your or BlackPeopleMeet page, this is fine.) The look you’re going for is more festive, wholesome, reverent or simply “FLOTUS professional.”

DON’T strike a pose or holiday expression that makes you look like you want to do Santa under the mistletoe.  Remember you’re a role model for somebody – your family, community, colleagues or beyond.  You want to inspire others to be more than a Santa mate. Looking beautiful, alluring, or sexy elegant are all appropriate and fine. Just keep it classy.

Take a lesson from FLOTUS #44.

or FLOTUS #43

Finally, DO ask a few frat brothers to take a look at the picture before posting your selfie.  Ask them if the photo makes them hot and bothered and steers their minds more towards the “nasty and naughty” rather than “nice.” If they’re too embarrassed to answer you, discard the selfie and try again.

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Merry Christmas, Ladies!