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The Best (And The Worst) Of SuzyKnew In 2012

What were SuzyKnew readers’ favorite articles in 2012?

Experience Female Orgasm got the most attention followed by Painful Vagina Cake.   We don’t know if it was the titles or the topics, but it certainly got you talking. We also hope the articles gave you a new kind of awareness of female pleasure  – and pain.

Readers also wanted to know in 2012 what to do if their man’s manhood is simply too big.  What If He’s Just Too Big? got lots of views.  Obviously, more women have this problem than we realize. A lot of women I know want a man who is “well-endowed.” They’re often in search of the elusive “big dick” or BD as we started saying for short. Some women I know will only approve a man as “bedroom worthy”  after getting a phone picture of his rod. You all know who you are…

But, the popularity of the article shows there are a lot of women out there who are too shy to confess that they really prefer to have a man whose stuff is a lot more manageable.  Not all women want a BD.

Do Nice Men Who Talk Nasty Really Get Girls Into Bed? did pretty well, too. We had  confessions from readers stating that the right kind of nasty talk can be very nice.

There were several articles on vibrators including the History of vibrators, which didn’t get too much traction. Neither did  the contest for a Trojan vibrator  – Trojan’s new product line.  Maybe a lot of you knew that Trojan vibrators weren’t so new.  But, the recent vibrator article announcing LELO’s presence on SuzyKnew’s site did get some love. Readers must know that LELO is only sold via the internet, clicking to get more information. In contrast,  Trojan vibrators are sold widely in  drugstores and places like Walmart, passing on the article.  Ladies, having options is always good.

Very unpopular were What Do Women In Washington, DC, Nigeria and Rwanda Have In Common?, discussing the high rate of HIV among us and What Do You Mean Infidelity Can Be Physically Harmful To Your Healthl?   Maybe the titles were too long or poorly worded.  Or, maybe you just didn’t want to hear the bad news you already know about.  Saying to yourselves, “So what? We already know this.”

Dear SuzyKnew reader we hope you enjoyed reading us in 2012 and we promise to continue bringing you articles on sexual health and sexual pleasure, making SuzyKnew a unique place for sex, sizzle, and GOOD sense!