Unsafe Abortion: Tell The World “NEVER AGAIN”

Ladies, in these challenging times, have you wondered how you can tell the world: “Never again will women die from unsafe abortions!” without getting too up close and personal?

Well – you can sport a coat hanger pendant or t-shirt to let the world know you’re not down with women dying or being mutilated.  Although these items have been around for several years, the new political landscape demands immediate action to show the world where you stand.

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Last Wednesday, Louisiana became the 9th state to ban abortions at an early stage – around six weeks – when many woman will not realize they are pregnant. The goal of anti-abortion activists getting these state-level bills passed is to provoke the Supreme Court into taking take up one of these unconstitutional laws, hoping the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling will be overturned..

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The coat hanger is how many back-alley or DIY abortions were performed back in the day. And in fact, although abortion is still legal in the U.S., desperate women still do use coat hangers to self abort.

Perhaps because half of the U.S. population was born after 1973 or because the number of abortions in the U.S. has been on the decline since the late 1970’s, many people may not be familiar with the coat hanger symbol. But, over the last 5 or so years when anti-abortionists picked up their steam, these little symbols have been popping up everywhere to remind people that the past could reappear.

Really the clothes hanger is the symbol of horror and trauma. Along with the humiliation and demeaning of women.

You can find your coat hanger pendant on Amazon. But, the selection is a little sparse, and there isn’t much explanation for what the hanger symbolizes or why someone would wear a coat hanger pendant.

You’re better off going to Etsy  or Café Press where the craftsmen and craftsladies reign.  There are sterling silver and 14k gold pendants along with inexpensive $4 gold and silver color pendants similar to the ones that Planned Parenthood and other organizations give out in exchange for a donation. In fact, you can make a donation for safe abortion access when purchasing many of these pendants.   Etsy also has many t-shirts and sweatshirts to chose from.

Never again, Ladies!