Valentine’s Day For One – Guest Blogger Lillian Ogbogoh

February 14th is the day that most single women have been taught the dread and fear! The usual plan is to create a bunker and hide away from it all, after all it’s only 24 hours of couples going totally overboard with their public displays of affections. Well, who said that being single on the 14 of February should be the equivalent of the pirate’s black mark?

Yes – you are single!

Yes – it is meant to be the most romantic day of the year!

These two facts we can’t change in the time we have left. What we can change is the idea you have to miss out because you are fabulous and single.  So how do you spend valentine day for one?  I have 4 awesome tips to shower you with love on the 14th of February.

1) Make yourself your object of affection:

The objective of Valentine’s Day seems to be focused on love and spoiling and pampering your object of affection, so if you are flying solo you get the chance to shower some love and affection on you! It is time to indulge yourself, take yourself off on a spa date followed up with anything you really really want to do. This is the major benefit of being solo you get the deciding vote on what you want to do, you could choose to discover  something new or choose to settle in for indulgent take with a binge watching of your favorite show on Netflix…..

2) Create a Love Board:

This Valentine day instead of hiding away and making sad faces in the mirror, you could use your solo time to prepare yourself for what you want from your next relationship. It’s time to get crafty, make yourself a love goal board, take some time to write down what you want to feel in your next relationship, pin these key phrases to signify how you want your next relationship to show up, how you want to be treated; it’s about making love goals that you want for next relationship. Regardless if you want to remain single for now or you are ready to jump back into the dating game getting clear about what you want makes it easier to recognize it.

3) Invite your girls/guys over:

You may forget that you are not the only single person on Valentine’s Day, call up your single friends and have an impromptu party. Each person should bring a little something throw on some music and have some fun! It’s not an anti-Valentine function but the coming together of friends to have an incredible time.

4)  Spring Clean:

Keeping in line with preparing for a brand new relationship, it is time to extend that to your physical surroundings. It is time to rid yourself of the physical reminders of your last relationships, the stuffed animals, his shirt, and the old cards from your birthday and last valentine… You get the picture you want to start this year on a clean slate, nothing to remind of him and take you back to reminiscing.  Send the stuffed toys to the nearest charities and give his old clothes to a clothes bank.  How you choose to dispose of the stuff is up to you, you could have a burning party  again invite your girls rounds and burn the cards and old letters, but please do it safely as you are not trying to burn your home down…

Whatever you choose to do just don’t hide your fantastic fabulous self at home feeling sorry for yourself, just remind yourself that you are worthy of love and don’t feel like you need to apologize for this.