Be Yourself. Be Unapologetically You. SWJ

Ladies, SWJ.

Serena Williams Jewelry.

We’re lovin’ it over here at SuzyKnew!

This is not a sponsored post. We just came across this new collection while clicking through the internet and thought “Y-a-s…”

A lot of what this collection expresses reflects SuzyKnew! values. Like proclaiming your self-love, strength and success. You can proclaim this by buying yourself pure gold and silver jewelry with bold affirming statements.  You don’t need to wait for the “Little Blue Box,” a.k.a jewelry from Tiffany’s.  You don’t have to wait for someone to buy you diamonds or to tell you you’re a success; you don’t have to settle for blood diamonds either.

Wearing SWJ jewelry shows you know your worth and know how treat yourself. It’s well… from one Sista’ to another.

Serena expresses the sentiment well by explaining on her site:

“The collection is a beautiful celebration of the strong women in my life and around the world. My designs inspire people to love themselves, believe in themselves, and, of course, treat themselves.”

Of course, this is jewelry can be offered as a gift from a parent, sibling, friend or lover,   But, we like the fact that this jewelry encourages us to love ourselves and treat ourselves well. It is jewelry for us – and by us!

SWJ diamonds are affordable. Getting a diamond necklace, an ethicially-mined diamond necklace, for as little as $600 is a real deal. We’re really lovin’ the “Unstoppable” collection, which frankly is more affordable than other pieces in SWJ, launched last year.  This collection was released in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.  People of color are disproportionately affected by the virus physically and economically. The message “Unstoppable” reminds us and tells the world we will not be defeated.

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Photos: Courtsey of Serena Williams Jewelry