SuzyKnew! September Roundup: Where The Medical Meets The Sensual


Here’s what SuzyKnew! and our contributors posted in September 2014:

From SuzyKnew!

Can Heavy Girls Use Emergency Contraception? ASK AN OBGYN

sexy ethnic black overweight woman in bathroom




pleasure or pain


Me, My Boo, And The FC2

Femme Fatale



The Pleasure That Comes With Female Condoms

Protective clothing


Dr. Drai: DL Women And Sex Toys

istock photo
istock photo







Depressed Businessman


My Inability To Sexually Please My Woman Is Killing Me





From Sophia Ned-James on

Rough Start Smooth Finish

Sleeping In

From Dr. Drai

Pap Smear Problems

Happy Anniversary To America’s Obgyn Dr. Drai

From Lillian Ogbogo

Getting That High Quality Man To Ask You On A Date You Effortlessly

5 Simple Daily Practices To Reignite Your Deep Feminine Sensual Self