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The Media Catches Melania Kissin’ Trudeau

Ladies, have you ever found yourself in public and in a stressful situation? The stakes are high, the pressure is on, and you could really use some comfort.  Then, out of no where, a dashing, handsome man comes forward to greet you with a kiss, and you just lose it. You melt.  You just can’t hide your affection for the man, who has rescued you, if only for a brief moment.  You just let your passion flow and show.

The only problem is, if you’re the first lady., everyone is watching you all in your feelings on camera.  Over the weekend during the G-7 Summit, the media caught Melania kissin’ the Canadian Prime Minister,  Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau made his move on Melania when the Donald was looking the other way.  And caught on camera is Melania letting all her feelings come out in one a big wave.

Ladies, we are left wondering what did that kiss do to Melania? Obviously, it did something because she is clearly swept off her feet.

We also want to know why can’t the Donald do this his woman?  Obama can.  Remember how Obama made Melania laugh at Bush senior’s funeral? And, why is Melania so easily emotionally overwhelmed by all these men greeting her with a kiss or making her laugh? Can’t she get any good lovin’ at home so she doesn’t embarrass herself or the nation when she goes out?

I mean geewhiz. Control yourself, lady. It can’t be that good…

Or does Melania know something about Trudeau and Obama, that we don’t…?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Photos courtesy of Carlos Bario/Reuters, CTV, and cheat sheet


Fertility Friday: The Magnesium Miracle Plus Magnesium & Your Menstrual Cycle – Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND

This Friday we share Fertility Friday’s podcast on magnesium and how it affects your overall health, including your menstrual cycle and fertility.

Lisa interviews Dr. Carolyn Dean, a medical doctor and naturopath, on magnesium deficiency and why most of us do not get enough magnesium.  Magnesium deficiency can have a very negative impact on your health – and life! Besides menstrual issues, magnesium deficiency can contribute to a lack of energy, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, heart issues and more.

Click here for more information and the podcast.Lisa Hendrickson Jack

Dr. Carolyn Dean is the author of over 35 books including best seller The Magnesium Miracle along with IBS for Dummies, Hormone Balance, Death by Modern Medicine,

Introducing Sex Toys? ASK A SEX THERAPIST

How can I bring up the idea of using sex toys with my partner?

It’s important to extend empathy to your partner, understanding that hearing your partner wants to incorporate sex toys may be a blow to their ego. However, if you focus on what you already enjoy about your joint sexual experiences and introduce the idea as a way to enhance something you already find fulfilling, it may be more reassuring. Explain that sex toys are not a substitute for emotional intimacy, but an opportunity to explore different sensations that you both may enjoy.

What can I say/do if my partner feels threatened by incorporating sex toys into our sex life (like they think it means they’re not doing a good job or can’t give me what I need/want)?

A common fear some have is that sex toys will replace them or that their partner is only interested in sex toys because they’re not sexually fulfilled. However, you can have an open and honest conversation with your partner about exploring different sensations and how incorporating toys isn’t seeking to replace them, but enhance your sexual experiences.

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De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson is a licensed clinical social worker and sex therapist in private practice at Sankofa Sex Therapy, LLC. She’s on the Executive Board of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network and has been featured as a sexpert on,, and She recently appeared in “Antigone” a play about the events in Ferguson, MO. Check out her YouTube show, Ask A Sex Therapist, where she answers your questions related to sex and sexuality and visit her website,

“Biblical” Advice For Sistas’


A piece of “Biblical” advice that has been circulating around the web for a while but worth reflecting on… 

To all the girls who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or get married, a piece of Biblical advice: “Ruth patiently waited for her mate Boaz.” While you are waiting on YOUR Boaz, don’t settle for any of his relatives: Broke-az, Po-az, Lyin-az, Cheating-az, Dumb-az, Drunk-az, Cheap-az, Lockedup-az, Goodfornothingaz, Lazyaz, and especially his third cousin Beatinyoaz. Wait on your Boaz and make sure he respects Yoaz.” -unknown

How Many Black Women Are Among Jeffrey Epstein’s Accusers?

Ladies,  Jeffrey is dead and we’re all thinking conspiracy (as in did the Administration do away with the guy…?) But, let’s step back and ask ourselves: How many Black women are among Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers?  As Black women and/or women of color we want to know how many of “us” got caught up in all of this. How many…?


As far as SuzyKnew! knows there have been no Black women who have come forward to accuse Jeffery Epstein of sexual assault or inappropriate behavior.

Why?  Because Epstein didn’t date Black women.

That’s right. Jeffrey didn’t do Black women.

Virginia Roberts, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, told her lawyers, ” There was a constant influx of girls coming in and going out. And we were all very young… Young, pretty, you know a fun personality. {But,} they couldn’t be Black…”

Jeffrey didn’t appreciate Black beauty.  Virginia goes on to explain that Epstein would date non-white women, who were exotic and pretty. They just couldn’t be Black.

How many of us have encountered men like Epstein on dating sites? Men that are open to dating every type of women, even women who are old enough to be their grandmothers as long as they’re not Black?

It’s a slap in the face. An insult.

But, we have to acknowledge that sometimes this ugly truth – that there are many men out there who do not want to date Black women – protects us. Sistas’ have escaped being abused and ravaged by Epstein.

Ironic, right?

Of course, only time will tell. As more and more women feel confident to come forward to testify what Epstein did to them, following his death, maybe there will be a Black woman among them.

We’ll see.

Ladies, keep it sexy… and

Keep it healthy!


Photo courtesy: Daily Beast and Axios


African Men May Have Higher Sperm Counts Than African-American Men

Ladies – have you been reading about all this low sperm count that men around the world have been experiencing?

Ladies – have you been reading about all this low sperm count that men around the world have been experiencing? Or rather men in the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand?

Over the last 40 years sperm counts in these regions of the world have been dropping by close to 60%,  according to an article that appeared in Scientific American a few years ago. More importantly, the decline in sperm count is not slowing, and it is unclear what it is causing it.  Causes of the decline were not a part of the study but declining sperm counts have been attributed to exposure to certain chemicals and pesticides, smoking, stress and obesity.

This study, which was a meta-analysis of several articles, stated that this same decline was not found among African men. This would mean that African men may have a higher sperm count than African-American men.  Until recently, not enough studies had been completed among African men. Two years ago, a meta analysis of country-level sperm count studies among African men came out showing that there has been a 73% decline in sperm concentration among African men.  However, the study included less than ten countries and only were two sub-Saharan countries (Nigeria and Tanzania). Sample sizes were relatively small. But, obviously, sperm count has been occurring to a certain degree among African men over the last several decades as well.

So, do African men have stronger sperm count and concentration than African-American men? There aren’t any studies directly comparing sperm count and concentration among African and African-American men.

Ladies – we need more research that take our people’s health into consideration. Anyone searching for a research topic?




Show Me The Faith!

Ladies, sometimes it’s hard to wait for our dreams to come true. It’s hard to wait for God to hear our prayers, give us direction and work the magic.

We have so many hopes and irons in the fire.  We want guidance on big and tough decisions even if we know God may lead us in another direction.

If you live in Detroit or plan on visiting this weekend, be sure to attend a free visioning board workshop this Saturday at St. John’s Presbyterian church. St. John’s is located in the heart of Detroit at 1961 E Lafayette Blvd.

Ladies, learn to wait for God!

Fertility Friday: Can Women Ovulate More Than Once Per Cycle? Or While They’re Pregnant?

Today, we share Fertility Friday’s podcast episode on how many times a woman can ovulate per cycle and if women can ovulate while they’re pregnant.  Lisa Hendrickson-Jack addresses one of the most prevalent myths about the menstrual cycle. In today’s episode she lays these myths to rest and sets the record straight once and for all!

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Fertility Friday: Are Men 100% Responsible For Unplanned Pregnancies?

Today, we share Fertility Friday’s podcast “Should Men Be Equally Responsible For Birth Control?” Founder Lisa Hendrickson-Jack discusses a controversial article that came out recently suggesting that men are 100% responsible for all unplanned/unwanted pregnancies. Should men be responsible for birth control or should the responsibility fall on us? Tune in to find out Lisa’s take on it!

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Fertility Friday: Surrogacy And Egg Donation

Today, we share Fertility Friday’s podcast on surrogacy and egg donation. Hostess Lisa Hendrickson-Jack talks to Eloise Drane. Ms. Drane is the founder of Family Inceptions — a “boutique style” family planning agency specializing in surrogacy and egg donation. She developed the Surrogacy Roadmap, a digital online platform teaching potential parents how to complete a successful surrogacy journey without paying agency cost— she considers it more than a business, but rather, a calling..

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